MAC-5 Enterprise for woods trading, transforming, and manufacturing businesses. Manage costs involved in the process while calculating quantity and volume of woods automatically when issuing or receiving them into stores. Print out forms such as Delivery Order, Tax Invoice, and more with custom units just for wood products.

Flexible field for input

Record quantity and price per unit of log/cubic foot in sales, purchases, and manufacturing modules.

Cubic Foot Volume Calculation

Automatically calculate quantity and volume (cubic foot) of woods received into or issued from stores, displayed figures accurately in reports. Set a unit specific to selling, and have units converted automatically. For instance, cubic foot unit can be converted to cubic meters and display in the required form.

Overhead expenses

Record labor and other overhead costs in journal voucher to recognize costs incurred during transformation. In a special report, filter the type of wood – e.g. fresh wood, coated wood, dried coated wood – and get a summary of labor costs associated with each.

Additional Costs

Distribute any additional expenses incurred during the purchasing or transformation process. Choose to proportionally distribute by log quantity or cubic foot unit.

Automatic stock updates during wood processing

Always get the most up-to-date inventory balance. Decrease quantity of inventory from one store to increase in another store during a transformation process. For instance, fresh wood materials, issued out of a raw material store, are converted to coated plywood, received into a Work-In-Process store.

Custom Forms

All forms are customized to the context of this business such as Delivery Order, Tax Invoice, and Export-related forms with volume and sales price in cubic meters.

Analysis Reports

All reports in the wood business solution – sales, purchases, inventory control – would display quantity of log and cubic foot unit: daily wood purchases, daily saw report, sales summary, sales comparison, and inventory balance.

See How MAC-5 help businesses like yours

MAC-5 is very easy to use. Its inputting and reporting fit our needs and the many filtering options allow us to see data in many angles.

- Tokyo Parawood (1986)

Easy to use with good reports.

- Dinthai Parawood