MAC-5 is integrated with various software you may or will be using!


Our recommended Accounting and Payroll service provider for outsourcing comes ready with an e-Leave, e-Approval online platform, customizable to fit your HR policy, and handles all tax processes!


An online payroll system and finger scanner, suitable for medium-sized businesses (50-100 employees), comes with E-slip, E-Leave, and Employee Self Service features and more to lessen the HR workload. Start from 15,000 Baht.

pRoMiSe Restaurant
Point of Sales

A popular POS by Signature handles all types of retails as well as restaurants from the front-end (e.g. order, servers, table) to back-end, to which MAC-5 is integrated to easily manage inventory and accounting.

Point of Sales

A powerful POS from City Soft, a partner who we shared many successful customer stories, is recommended for retail shops, restaurants, or mini-marts with many branches and demand flexible promotions.

Restaurant Management System
Point of Sales

RMS from E-Merchant, our trusted partner, will take care of your stock, employees, documents, promotion, all the way to reports! Linked with MAC-5.

Easy Restaurant - Infogrammer
Point of Sales

A full-featured POS, ready to equip restaurants of all sizes with Point of Order, Point of Sales with all kinds of promotional conditions, table and kitchen management, and materials and stock management. Linked with MAC-5 today.

Become Our Partner

We’re always looking for new partners to join us in force to help our clients - whether you’re a software application developer, a business consultant, or a motivated sales.

Integration Partner

Our customers are always in need for software that could take their back-office system to a full-looped automation. Here are some of their most popular requests:

  • Point of Sales to handle restaurants and cafes or retail shops.
  • E-Commerce platform to help our trading customers take their sales online!
  • Production Planning to manage complicated massive production lines.
  • Production Management to support difficult and demanding manufacturing procedures.
  • Hotel Management to act as a front office for hospitality businesses.
  • Tour Management to support tour agencies
  • Dental Care to support dental clinics.
  • Hospital Management to act as a front office for hospitals.
  • Web/Mobile Application Developer to handle data interface with MAC-5
  • Business Intelligence to link information of different software applications into one analyzable chunk.

…and more!

Distribution Partner

Become one of our distributors (or dealers as we call) and bring MAC-5 to the market. There are flexible scopes in which you can engage with us:

Level 1 – Recommender
Recommend those whom you think should need MAC-5 and merely connect them to us.
Revenue sharing: up to 10%
Level 2 – Deal Closer
Just close the deal, and let us handle the rest of implementation and support.
Revenue sharing: up to 30%
Level 3 – Implementor
You’ll close the deal and implement MAC-5 for your client entirely by yourself, then we support them over their adoption lifetime.